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2017 J. Lohr Vineyard Series Home Ranch Cabernet Franc

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The Cabernet Franc grape is one of the five traditional red varieties in France’s Bordeaux region, as well as being the mainstay grape for classic Chinons from the Loire Valley. This first-ever dedicated J. Lohr Cabernet Franc release was grown on the J. Lohr Home Ranch in the warmer Region III Estrella District of Paso Robles. Cabernet Franc is an upright growing variety that is very drought tolerant. Our farming plan includes removing leaves from the fruit zone on the north side of the vine in June and reducing the crop to one cluster per shoot in late July. This practice assures small, concentrated berries that lead to a luxury level of flavor and color intensity in the wine. The 2017 J. Lohr Home Ranch Cabernet Franc displays lots of ripe black plum and fresh red fruit jumping from the glass on the nose and palate. A supple mouthfeel and a structured finish with savory undertones are bound together by a barrel signature of coffee, vanilla, and spice notes.

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