Winemakers’ Selection

New to the J. Lohr lore and collection of signature wines? The Winemakers’ Selection club is the perfect opportunity to begin your journey exploring our J. Lohr Gesture and small-lot J. Lohr Vineyard Series wines, and to receive invitations to private events featuring winemakers and Lohr family members. Anticipation for this club is great, so don’t wait to join our family!

: Library Selection

Spring 2019 Selections

Total Costs

California shipments: $132.70 (includes shipping charges of $12, taxes not included)
Out of state shipments: $135.70 (includes shipping charges of $15, taxes not included)

San Jose Pick-up price $131.86 (includes tax)
Paso Robles Pick-up price $129.45 (includes tax)

NEW J. Lohr Wine Clubs release policy: Beginning with our 2019 spring club releases, pick-up members will have 30 days after their club release date to pick up their orders. As we cannot hold sold wine inventory for longer than one month, please plan to pick up your wine, or we’ll ship your order to you with the following protocol. We will send you an email and follow up with a courtesy call if your wine is not picked up within 30 days. If we don’t hear back from you within five days of our communication attempts, your release will be sent to your billing address on file (or shipping address if listed) at the flat-rate club shipping fee of $12 within California and $15 outside of California. We will do our best to reach you prior to shipping and appreciate your assistance.

Case Savings

Members can mix and match wines for case orders throughout the year and receive an additional 5% member savings on all case orders.