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Community Support

As a family-owned and operated winery since 1974, we at J. Lohr are dedicated to producing flavorful wines that are the finest examples of quality and flavor from our given appellations. We are also committed to honesty, excellence and service, respect for our employees, suppliers, customers, and the long-term health of our community and the environment. This extends to our mission to support and be visible in the communities where our employees live and work.

While we recognize there are many important and relevant causes and initiatives to support we focus our charitable support in the areas of 1) health and wellness of children and families 2) community arts organizations and foundations and 3) wine industry and research.

Our charitable requests fall into two arenas:

Wine Donation Requests

Includes limited requests for wine products for gala auction, live auction and fundraising efforts to benefit 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizations that fall into the aforementioned areas (note, J. Lohr is unable to donate wine for use in raffles as the use of wines for raffle purposes or as prizes is prohibited by the state of California).

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Includes requests for wine and ongoing co-marketing and visibility opportunities that mutually benefit J. Lohr and the requesting non-profit organization.

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