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Wine Koozy Step 4

Winter Wine Bottle Koozy

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  2. Winter Wine Bottle Koozy

Upcycle your favorite J. Lohr wine bottles and an old sweater to create this chic, winter decor for your home. The added warmth it creates will last long past bud break.

Wine Koozy

Materials Needed

  • Wine Bottles
  • Old Knit Sweater
  • Scissors
  • Spray Paint*
  • Sewing Kit or Fabric Glue*
  • Sticks or Decor

*JLV&W does not endorse or recommend any specific brand of picture frame or hot glue gun

Wine Koozy Step 1

Step #1

Cut the sleeve of the sweater to the length of the bottle.

Wine Koozy Step 2

Step #2

Remove excess fabric around the neck of the bottle by cutting and sewing/gluing the sleeve to the circumference of the bottle's neck.

Jlohr winterwinekozy 2

Step #3

Lay down cardboard and spray paint all sides of the decorative sticks to your color of choice.

Jlohr winterwinekozy 3

Step #4

Add the decorative sticks to your wine bottle koozy, pour a glass of J. Lohr wine, and enjoy !


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