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Scented Fire Starters

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  2. Scented Fire Starters
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Winter is the season for all things cozy. Warm blankets, comfortable slippers, and gathering around a fire are all wintertime necessities. Whether enjoying an outdoor firepit or an indoor fireplace, often getting the fire started can be the hardest step. Try this fun and aromatic craft for inviting scented warmth.

Materials Needed

  • 2 cups soy wax flakes
  • 2 soy wax cubes in your preferred color (we used green)
  • Stainless steel pan or metal candle pitcher to melt the wax
  • 12 short wicks (or long wicks, cut down to size)
  • 12 cupcake liners
  • Cupcake pan
  • Essential oils (we used “pine forest” and “fresh cut wood”)
  • Small pinecones
  • Rosemary sprigs
  • Cinnamon sticks


  1. Begin by placing cupcake liners in the cupcake pan.
  2. Next, place any combination of natural elements such as pinecones and cinnamon sticks into the cupcake liners.
  3. Once you have your items laid out, begin to melt the soy wax flakes until they turn to liquid.
  4. Add 10-20 drops of one essential oil to the melted wax and stir. You can continue to add drops of oil till you reach your desired scent intensity.
  5. Next, pour all the melted wax into the cupcake liners so that it is evenly distributed.
  6. For best results, allow your scented fire starters to cool overnight.
  7. Add directly to your firepit or burn in a tall clear glass vessel for both safety and enjoyment.


1) You can create lighter, more intense fragrance fire starters by pouring 1/2 of your melted wax into 6 cupcake liners and adding essential oil to the remaining wax. Mix this and then pour out the rest of your melted wax.

2) When using wax, try to opt for a more natural wax, like soy or beeswax. Avoid paraffin wax as it emits more toxins. When adding essential oils, make sure that they do not contain additives and are safe to burn.

3) Only burn these in a safe, supervised wood-burning fireplace or an outdoor fire pit.

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