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Autumn inspired ice bucket

Autumn Inspired Ice Bucket

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  2. Autumn Inspired Ice Bucket

Get ready for Fall with a seasonal ice bucket.

Ready for the perfect ice bucket? You can make this seasonal ice bucket any size you would like, but for demonstration purposes, we've gone with this mold. It is perfectly designed to fit a bottle of J. Lohr wine.

As you plan your bucket, don’t forget to focus on deep oranges, greens, and yellows of in-season flowers. This craft is a great centerpiece for your fall tablescape or maybe even a holiday hostess gift!

You'll only need three items to create your own ice bucket. You'll need an ice bucket mold, flowers (I used orange eucalyptus & yellow/orange mums), and distilled water.

Autumn inspired ice bucket full image

Step #1

  • Grab your mold and start placing the flora randomly into the space, filling in any holes left behind by the design of the mold itself.

Step #2

  • Pour water over to cover and freeze for 24 hours.

Step #3

  • You can make this ahead of time and just keep it in the freezer. When you are ready to take it out, the best way to remove the ice bucket from the mold is to submerge it in warm water, pour the water directly on it until you hear it crackle, or fill a large bucket with warm water and let it sit there until it pops out on its own!

Once removed, you'll have a beautiful Fall centerpiece that you can use for your next gathering!

Don’t forget to enjoy serve with our favorite seasonal wine: J. Lohr Wildflower Valdiguié

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