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Cork Lei

DIY Cork Graduation Lei

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  2. DIY Cork Graduation Lei

With graduation season just around the corner, one of our favorite ways to honor a wine-loving celebrant is by gifting a Cork Lei. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite J. Lohr wine and sip along as you craft one for each “twenty-one and over” graduate.

Cork Lei Materials 1

Materials Needed

  • Corks, roughly 50 depending on length
  • Drill and Drill bit
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Straw
  • Tape
Cork Lei Step 1

Step #1

  • Carefully drill out a hole in each cork. Be sure to use a drill bit that is larger than the thickness of the ribbon.
Cork Lei Step 2

Step #2

  • Thread the ribbon into the straw, pull all the way through, and tape to the end of the straw.

Cork Lei Step 3 and 4

Step #3

  • Continue to place corks through the straw, until the desired lengthed is reached.

Step #4

  • Cut and tie off the ends.
Cork Lei

Consider gifting the cork lei with the J. Lohr Signature Cabernet Sauvignon and a Paso Robles trip for wine tasting. This special wine is Jerry Lohr’s statement Paso Robles Cabernet - it’s ideal for celebrating life’s biggest achievements.

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