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  • Cynthia Lohr Named Silicon Valley "Woman of Influence"

    Cynthia Lohr

    Women of Influence”
    Silicon Valley Business Journal
    June 172021

    J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines’ Cynthia Lohr is one of the 2021 Women Influence in Silicon Valley 

    Cynthia Lohr

    Title/​position: Co-owner and chief brand officer 

    Company: J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines 

    Location: San Jose

    How has the pandemic changed how you lead others? Compassion, creativity, collaboration are the renewed social and emotional currency that supports the best in others and impacts the bottom line. 

    How has the pandemic changed your outlook on life and work? I like narrowing my world and having greater impact while being more efficient, and support others in finding their balance. I do miss spontaneous conversations, in-person team meetings, and larger social gatherings where momentum is palpable. 

    What’s your strategy for getting your business back to normal after the pandemic? To gather everyone physically wherever and whenever possible, share gratitude and learnings, and align our goals with our values, mission and vision. 

    What would you like to accomplish in the next year? We have been looking forward to the reopening of our J. Lohr Wine Centers in Paso Robles and San Jose, with refreshed looks and new, elevated, seated tasting experiences. There is much to enjoy and to look forward to with our vineyard-driven wines and exceptional hospitality! 

    What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received? You don’t get what you don’t ask for. In business and in life, you must be bold and back up your asks with data and accountability. 

    What is the biggest challenge facing women who want to take on leadership roles? Opportunity. There are many talented women in the Valley and beyond who deserve the chance to assert and realize their potential, and be rewarded and acknowledged for doing so. 

    A female CEO or business icon you admire? There are many, but nearest and dearest to my heart is social visionary Deborah Brenner, founder and CEO of Women of the Vine & Spirits. A cold call in 2007 to feature her book of similar name has led to a transformation in our industry to advance women in the wine and spirits industries. 

    Equally, the fearless and steadfast Janelle Hail, CEO of National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc., whose personal story and vision has aided countless families and women in their cancer journey. 

    Something about you that would surprise others? I have sung and performed in 22 different languages, adore writing poetry, and live to make my family happy. 

    A moment in your career you are most proud of? Any moment of successful advocacy to achieve a merited win on behalf of our extended family of colleagues fills me with pride. 

    How many hours a week do you average at work? However many it takes to be a responsible and inspirational colleague who supports and appreciates her teams and family. 

    How do you unwind after work? Creativity and nurturance are my calling. Cooking, singing, writing, reading, entertaining —preferably with and for others — top my list. But I’m equally at home and comfortable with my own company. 

    What was your first job? I was a secretary in a local law office in my teens, which ensured a certain understanding of professional protocol. 

    What was your favorite pop-culture discovery during the pandemic? Does a return to the comfort shows of my youth, including Gilligan’s Island,” count?