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  • Felipe Meraz: Vineyard Worker of the Year Award

    Felipe Meraz

    By Jen­nifer Bra­vo
    Paso Rob­les Wine Coun­try
    Octo­ber 82019

    We are hap­py to announce our recip­i­ent for the 2019 Vine­yard Work­er of the Year Award. This award spot­lights a vine­yard or cel­lar team mem­ber who has con­tributed the most to help­ing their team har­vest and/​or pro­duce excep­tion­al Paso Rob­les wine.

    Applause for this year’s win­ner- Felipe of J. Lohr Vine­yards & Wines!

    Felipe Mer­az has been a full-time employ­ee at J. Lohr Vine­yards & Wines since March 1989. Although start­ing as one of the field crew, Felipe quick­ly demon­strat­ed his prowess at man­ag­ing var­i­ous vine­yard equip­ment along with direct­ing his fel­low employ­ees. Felipe now man­ages mul­ti­ple crews along with all of the spe­cial projects.

    Felipe unin­ten­tion­al­ly makes every­one he works with bet­ter at what they do. He leads by exam­ple with his dili­gence, atten­tion to detail, work eth­ic, but most impor­tant­ly his pos­i­tive atti­tude. His 30+ years of vine­yard expe­ri­ence shows up every day because he pays atten­tion to sce­nar­ios and learns from them. He is well respect­ed by all of his cowork­ers and it shows in the way they seek his guid­ance and fol­low his lead.

    Even though I am his man­ag­er, I have learned many valu­able lessons from him with­in the work set­ting and out,” said John Pieri­ni, Vine­yard Man­ag­er, J. Lohr Vine­yards & Wines. He takes on all of the jobs that require the great­est respon­si­bil­i­ty because of the high risk involved. He works safe­ly and demands the same from his trac­tor oper­a­tor crews, which leads to few­er acci­dents and a safe, con­fi­dent work environment.”

    Con­grat­u­la­tions again to Felipe Mer­az on earn­ing the Paso Rob­les Wine Coun­try Alliance 2019 Vine­yard Work­er of the Year Award!

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