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Wine Bottle Trivet

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  2. Wine Bottle Trivet
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Here’s a great craft to put old wine corks to good use! This Wine Bottle Trivet is so easy to make – it takes only a few materials to complete.

Materials Needed

  • 40-75 corks (depending on how large you’d like your trivet to be)
  • Hot Glue Gun


  1. Begin by placing your corks into the shape of a wine bottle. This will help you visualize what you are going to accomplish.
  2. To make the neck of the bottle, start with 1 cork laying horizontally, and next add two corks laying vertically under the first cork.
  3. Next, place two corks horizontally and then complete the neck with two corks placed vertically.
  4. For the first row of the body of the bottle, place two corks vertically, then two horizontally, and then two vertically.
  5. For the second row, place two corks horizontally, then two vertically, and the last two horizontally.
  6. To finish the body of the bottle, repeat steps 2 & 4, alternating between starting the row with 2 corks vertically and then 2 corks horizontally. For our trivet, we created 6 rows for the body of the wine bottle and used 36 corks.
  7. At this point in your project, you should have 4 rows for the neck of the bottle and 6 rows of three groups of 2 corks for the body.
  8. Now it’s time to glue them all together with your hot glue gun. Taking one at a time, place a small amount of glue along the edge you’d like to attach and repeat the process to finish your trivet.

Allow to dry and place on the table or counter for all to admire!

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