Lawrence Lohr


Lawrence grew up in the world of vineyards and winemaking with his two siblings and is the younger son of wine industry pioneer Jerry Lohr. Lawrence was exposed to the wine industry at an early age, from his vivid childhood memories of walking the vine rows with his father to teen-age summers spent working on the bottling line.

Lawrence joined J. Lohr in 2004, beginning with groundwork in production via the winery's Cinnabar warehouse facility doing barrel work with the winemaking production team. He then moved to sales in 2006 and became one of J. Lohr's Northern California area managers. In this role, Lawrence worked with a team of over 50 distributor salespeople and helped to guide the winery's representation in key on- and off-premise accounts. Lawrence added a personal touch during this time as a supplier representative, and emphasized the unique family nature of J. Lohr.

In 2009, Lawrence was named director of wine education-an interactive position that bridges the divide between winemaking and marketing. In this position, Lawrence understands that some individuals are only looking for a little information, while others want to learn everything they possibly can about wine. Understanding this diversity in interest levels has helped to inform his wine education efforts. Lawrence creates and presents programs that delve into all aspects of the world of wine, such as single varietal symposiums, descriptor seminars, casual food and wine pairing events, and workshops that explore wines from specific regions around the world.

Currently Lawrence works closely with father Jerry Lohr on vineyard projects throughout the family's properties in Monterey County, Paso Robles, and Napa Valley. Lawrence also support's the winery's national sales and marketing programs. He is a long-time member of the board of directors for the Monterey Vintners and Growers Association. Lawrence also recently began serving a term as a regional director for Wine Institute.

Lawrence studied at the University of California, Berkeley where he majored in political economy. There, he developed a fascination for the history of California and the role of wine and winemaking in the rich fabric of that history-a subject that influences him and his approach to wine education. In addition to his work in food and wine, some of his many passions include the visual and performing arts, cultural heritage and historic preservation, youth music education, travel, and nonprofit fundraising. As such, Lawrence currently serves as the VP/Chair of Development for the East Bay Performing Arts (EBPA) Executive Committee. EBPA consists of the Oakland East Bay Symphony, Oakland Symphony Chorus and Oakland Youth Orchestra. Lawrence is also an accomplished vocalist, and has been singing 50s and 60s acapella do-wop music for over twenty years.

Lawrence and his wife Emily live in the Oakland hills just east of San Francisco.