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Fall Napkin Hero Cropped

Fall Pocket Napkins

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Whether you're entertaining a few friends for a casual dinner party, or hosting a large family gathering, a beautiful table setting can make all the difference.

Here's the perfect decorative piece for achieving a formal look with your classic rectangle napkin. It can be used to hold flatware, a place card, or even a bundle of fresh herbs.

Fall Napkin Hero

Materials Needed

Square Napkins

Step #1

  • The first step is to unfold your square napkin and lay it face-up.

Step #2

  • Take the bottom half of the napkin and fold it up to meet the top to form a rectangle. The open end should be facing away from you.

Step #3

  • Next, fold just the top half of your rectangle halfway and flip the napkin over to start folding your napkin in half over each other. Start from the right side to the left and then the left to the right.

Flip your napkin over, and voila! You have an elevated napkin for your next gathering! It really is just that simple.

Go ahead and try it yourself and let us know how you did by tagging us at @jlohrwines.

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite J. Lohr wine and enjoy!

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