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The 2012 vintage started out very much like 2010 and 2011, with below average spring and early summer temperatures and plenty of cloud cover. Fortunately the weather during flowering was favorable, leading to a uniform fruit-set with ideal yields. In early August, at the time of veraison, the weather began to warm up, diverging from the cold 2010 and 2011 vintages. From veraison to harvest we saw temperatures moving back to historical averages. This late season heat allowed for the full development of ripe flavors and perfect natural acidity.

The grapes for the 2012 Gesture Viognier were sourced from J. Lohr’s Gean Vineyard. The Gean Vineyard, planted in 2010, is one of Jerry Lohr’s newest vineyards and is the western-most vineyard in the Paso Robles appellation. With a climate nearly identical to that of the Northern Rhône area, combined with well-drained soils of calcareous shale and weathered sandstone, make this vineyard ideal for Viognier. The warm days, with south and west exposures on this hillside vineyard, help to naturally develop ripe, lush flavors, while the cool nights allow for hang time, giving the wines power and depth.


Appellation: Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, CA
Varietal: 91% Viognier, 9% Roussanne
Harvest Date: September 13 - 20, 2012
Harvest Process: Hand-harvested at night and whole cluster pressed
Harvest chemistries: Brix 24.2°, pH 3.58, total acidity 0.63 g/100ml
  Yeast: VL1 and VL2
  Fermentation: In barrel for an average of 17 days
  Maceration: None
  Maturation: In French oak and stainless steel barrels for 7 months, with weekly stirring of each barrel starting November 2012 until March 2013.
Bottling Chemistries  
  pH: 3.52
  Total Acidity: 0.56 g/100ml
  Alcohol: 14.4% by volume
  Residual Sugar: 0.20 g/100ml
  Cases Produced: 484
Cellaring Drink now through 2017

“Subtle aromas of lemon curd, tangerine peel and honeysuckle flow seamlessly into layers of citrus and stone fruit flavors. The rich palate is balanced by supple acidity and lingering minerality.”
-Jeff Meier, Winemaker

The 2012 Gesture Viognier complements aromatic spices like coriander, ginger, cinnamon and allspice found in Carribean and Indian cuisine. Chèvre, Gouda, double and triple cream cheeses, and dried fruits and nuts are a natural fit.


Grilled Shrimp Skewer Salad

recipe courtesy of Chef Julie Simon of Thomas Hill Organics

Serves 4

For the Shrimp:

  • 4 shrimp per person, peeled and deveined   
  • 1 ancho chile
  • 1 sprig thyme               
  • 1 sprig oregano
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 tbs pomegranate molasses
  • 3 tbs European olive oil

Place in a blender and blend until smooth
Pour over shrimp and chill until ready to use.


  • 2 cups cooked black quinoa                 
  • 2 cups strawberries quartered       
  • 2 cups sliced watermelon      
  • 2 English cucumbers sliced thin on a mandolin or use a peeler
  • 1 small bunch basil (leaves only)          
  • 1 small bunch mint (leaves only)
  • Feta cheese optional     


  • 1 cup of leaves                  
  • ¼ cup rice wine vinegar      
  • Juice of 2 lemons      
  • 1 cup European olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic              
  • 1 shallot     
Emulsify in a blender. Salt and pepper to taste.

To Assemble:

Put two shrimp on each skewer placing a wedge of lime in between each. Grill on medium heat on a well-seasoned grill, two minutes on each side, or until done. Combine all ingredients for salad in bowl and toss with dressing. Place salad on plate and put shrimp skewers on top.

2010 J. Lohr Gesture Viognier

The 2010 growing season in the Arroyo Seco was the coldest in more than a decade, with an unseasonably wet and cool spring, followed by cloudy, brisk weather until mid-August. Fortunately, the sun returned in late August, providing much needed warmth and giving the grapes a good late-season push to ripeness. The cool weather led to a long, slow growing season with the resulting wines showing crisp acidity and finesse.

The grapes for our 2010 J. Lohr Gesture Viognier were sourced from the Cedar Lane Vineyard in the Arroyo Seco AVA in Monterey County, near the mouth of the Arroyo Seco River. Low-nutrient, sandy cobblestone soil is typical of this region, and a strong maritime influence brings foggy mornings, sunny middays and cool windy afternoons..


Origin: Cedar Lane Vineyards
Appellation: Arroyo Seco, Monterey County
Varietal: 100 % Viognier
Harvest Date: 10/9/10
Harvest Process: Hand-harvested with whole cluster pressing
Harvest chemistries: pH 3.55, total acidity 0.65 g/100 ml, Brix 25.1
  Yeast: R-HST
  Fermentation: Barrel fermented in 55 gallon stainless steel and neutral oak
  Maceration: None
  Malolactic: No
  Maturation: 6 months in stainless steel and oak barrels with no ML fermentation
  Barrel Type: 80% 5 year old French Oak barrels and 20% stainless steel barrels
  Bottling Aging: Bottled April 2011
Bottling Chemistries  
  pH: 3.38
  Total Acidity: 0.74
  Alcohol: 14.52
  Residual Sugar: 0.37
  Cases Produced: 300

“Bright pale straw color with aromas of peach, lychee and orange blossom. Its crisp acidity, bright, spicy fruit and mouth-filling viscosity are hallmarks of the Arroyo Seco appellation.”
-Jeff Meier, Winemaker

Pairs well with shellfish, spicy Asian and Caribbean dishes, or it can simply be enjoyed with nuts and cheeses. 




2009 J. Lohr Gesture Viognier


Origin: Cedar Lane Vineyards
Appellation: Arroyo Seco
Varietal: 100 % Viognier
Harvest Date: 10/2/09
Harvest Process: Hand picked and whole cluster pressed
Harvest chemistries: pH 3.60, total acidity 0.51 g/100 ml, Brix 25.7
Yeast: R-HST
Fermentation: Barrel Fermentation
Maceration: None
Malolactic:  No
Maturation: 5 Months
Barrel type: 80% 5 year old French Oak barrels and 20% stainless steel barrels
Bottling Aging:
2 Months
Bottling chemistries  
pH: 3.40
Total acidity: 0.66
Alcohol: 15.2
Residual sugar:
Cases produced:

Winemaker's Comments

The 2009 Gesture Viognier is a bright pale straw color with aromas of apricot, peach and honeysuckle. It's crisp acidity, bright spicy fruit and mouth filing viscosity are hallmarks of the Arroyo Seco Appellation, with it's long cool growing season and rocky well drained soil. In order to highlight this wines pure varietal character, the 2009 Viognier was fermented in 5-year-old oak and stainless steel barrels with no malolactic fermentation. This wine is a perfect match with shellfish, exotic Indian and Caribbean dishes or simply enjoyed with nuts and cheeses.


Price: $25.00 750ml


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