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Respecting Nature. Nurturing Balance.™

J. Lohr’s Sustainability Journey

Green Medal Leader

Our dedication to sustainability and the environment traces its roots to founder Jerry Lohr’s seven decades of farming experience. Today, Jerry’s vision of sustainability is embraced by a passionate second generation of the Lohr family who is dedicated to honoring and extending this important aspect of the winery’s legacy.

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Join J. Lohr by committing to save energy, conserve water, spare the air, recycle/reuse/repurpose, and volunteer in your community. Be automatically entered to win fun, eco-friendly prizes.

Thanks for joining with us in our sustainability efforts! Together we can make a difference.

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We Took the Pledge

  • Stacey F.
  • Sylvia M.
  • Hans K.
  • Tiffani R.
  • Chris R.
  • Carol O.
  • Wendy M.
  • Lea N.
  • Dorothy S.
  • George M.
  • Kiran P.
  • George W.
  • Jennifer K.
  • Jane B.
  • Alex L.
  • Ken L.
  • Karen L.
  • Lisa S.
  • Mark W.
  • Julie R.
  • Ikeda P.
  • Michael S.
  • David B.
  • Lauren S.
  • David L.
  • Ellen E.
  • Melanie H.
  • Sharon W.
  • Sue J.
  • Laura G.
  • Voris C.
  • Donald C.
  • Sylvia M.
  • Jane Au
  • Jessica D.
  • Amy C.
  • Deb A.
  • Ashlee F.
  • Sandi G.
  • Irma S.
  • Michael H.
  • Crystal T.
  • DAVID D.
  • Laurie O.
  • Irene B.
  • Brenda W.
  • Dorothy S.
  • pat y.
  • Henry S.
  • Marilynn F.
  • Susi C.
  • Ann C.
  • Theresa S.
  • Patrick S.
  • Lyla P.
  • Lisa P.
  • John B.
  • Carolyn P.
  • Monica K.
  • Carrie Anne M.
  • Janet F.
  • Margaret P.
  • Donna S.
  • Paul M.
  • Valerie M.
  • Tom W.
  • Leslie L.
  • Linda B.
  • Frank Z.
  • Alison D.
  • Shelly B.
  • Katherine H.
  • Karly F.
  • Karly F.
  • Tara D.
  • Kathy M.
  • Sara .
  • Trisha A.
  • Robert J.
  • Kaitlyn Q.
  • Lena B.
  • Tim R.
  • Tammie F.
  • Tammie F.
  • Shirley A.
  • Joe S.
  • Marilyn S.
  • Sharen B.
  • Sonya C.
  • Lisa D.
  • JoAnne L.
  • Susan S.
  • Helena S.
  • Denise K.
  • Gray G.
  • Helena S.
  • Mary F.
  • Koren C.
  • Debra S.
  • Don C.
  • Bry O.
  • Laura R.
  • Pamela T.
  • Tim N.
  • Catherine L.
  • Sandra J.
  • Kathryn W.
  • Sonia O.
  • Lisa V.
  • Tom D.
  • Mickie W.
  • Kevin M.
  • Sarah F.
  • Robert P.
  • Dayna M.
  • Dayna M.
  • Jacky C.
  • Molly N.
  • Alexandra M.
  • Gary C.
  • Debbie M.
  • Samuel J.
  • Brett K.
  • Aislynn H.
  • Tabitha W.
  • Sharon B.
  • Katie C.
  • Suzanne S.
  • Cindy P.
  • Troy H.
  • CHEZ R.
  • Robert R.
  • Godfrey L.
  • Brandon L.
  • John M.
  • Kathy C.
  • Angela M.
  • Taralynne H.
  • Margaret T.
  • Linda H.
  • Shawn M.
  • Sherri G.
  • Holly P.
  • Bev M.
  • Michael R.
  • Carol K.
  • Marjorie S.
  • Janice B.
  • Rita B.
  • Jamie K.
  • Debbie M.
  • Anna P.
  • Ball P.
  • Margie S.
  • Dev V.
  • Lisa N.
  • Nav C.
  • Dixie C.
  • Marina J.
  • Marygrace M.
  • Pamela B.
  • Paola M.
  • Megan S.
  • Tiffany W.
  • Josie K.
  • Elizabeth S.
  • Amanda F.
  • Mila P.
  • Richard B.
  • Mike P.
  • maggie l.
  • Margaret E.
  • Janet P.
  • Kevin C.
  • Barry M.
  • Michael P.
  • Matthew B.
  • Luisa V.
  • David M.
  • SUSAN Z.
  • Rosemarie P.
  • Marygrace M.
  • Holly O.
  • Blue M.
  • Darin W.
  • fran r.
  • lori r.
  • Wendy b.
  • Earl S.
  • Carole B.
  • Michael S.
  • Thomas T.
  • Cherie S.
  • Henry F.
  • Tara S.
  • Roger S.
  • Janet M.
  • Brian P.
  • Steve S.
  • Ken W.
  • Steve Y.
  • Sally B.
  • Lois T.
  • Daniel L.
  • Paul H.
  • Doug B.
  • Jill H.
  • Mary S.
  • Stephen K.
  • Larry R.
  • Toni W.
  • Sharon G.
  • Lucille B.
  • Terri G.
  • Michael C.
  • Philip E.
  • daniel f.
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  • Neale B.
  • Heidi F.
  • Cho M.
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  • James P.
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  • Mike A.
  • Laura M.
  • Allem P.
  • Margo M.
  • Mary R.
  • Cheryl S.
  • Daniel W.
  • Joe M.
  • Bobby D.
  • Susanna A.
  • Deb V.
  • Paul B.
  • Pam B.
  • Jean C.
  • DelMarie C.
  • Sherri H.
  • Mihir P.
  • Jeffrey T.
  • donna m.
  • Lucinda G.
  • Jaime G.
  • Michael A.
  • Dan R.
  • Steven D.
  • Lance L.
  • howard b.
  • Michael K.
  • Joanna R.
  • Steve C.
  • Andrew M.
  • Charlie A.
  • Michelle Z.
  • Pamela F.
  • Jay R.
  • robert w.
  • Bret F.
  • Julie T.
  • DAN P.
  • Marygrace M.
  • Judy M.
  • Gerald H.
  • John A.
  • Arch L.
  • Tim C.
  • Austen L.
  • Dani C.
  • Emily H.
  • Shasta K.
  • Marcia C.
  • Bryan B.
  • David M.
  • Cynthia L.
  • Kasey M.
  • Joshua B.
  • Danielle C.
  • Joshua B.
  • John H.
  • Danielle C.
  • Laura F.
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  • Rhonda M.
  • Laura P.
  • Dave M.
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  • Thomas R.
  • Johnny H.
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Take the Pledge

Encouraging sustainability and tackling climate change on a planetary scale is daunting. But happily we can each make a difference in many ways through minor alterations in our daily routines and actions – to be more sustainable, to reduce our impact on the environment, and to improve our communities. Taken together, small, conscious, day-to-day decisions and choices to “be more green” add up to real, sustainable change for the better.


  • Make an “energy survey” of your home, identifying all energy-using appliances, lights, etc.; consciously shut them down when not in use.
  • Check your home for proper insulation and places where heat/cooling is escaping. Block or patch any gaps in your home’s insulation armor.

Did You Know?

Energy companies and utilities are the largest single contributor to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, responsible for approximately 35% of total global emissions.

  • Check all indoor and outdoor faucets, water connections, sprinklers, etc. for leaks; repair and monitor.
  • For two weeks, consciously only run washer, dryer, and dishwasher when you have a full load. Take shorter showers and baths.

Did You Know?

Only 3% of the Earth's water is fresh; out of that, 2.5% of our planet’s fresh water is unavailable – locked up in glaciers, polar ice caps, the atmosphere, and soil. So only one-half of one percent of the earth's moisture is readily available fresh water!

  • Add up the average number of car trips you make in a week; by better planning and combining, make a conscious effort to cut the total number per week by half.
  • Pledge to not burn wood or trash; minimize or cease use of gas-powered garden tools such as mowers, blowers, hedgers.

Did You Know?

Air Pollution is a greater threat to life expectancy than smoking or war. Air pollution accounts for an estimated 7 million pre-mature deaths globally each year.

  • For two weeks, make a concerted effort to not purchase food and drink items in single-use, disposable containers; do not use plastic bags or styrofoam containers.
  • When purchasing at the grocery store, examine each item/package for recycle or environmentally-friendly information; use your purchasing power to “vote” for greener products and packaging.

Did You Know?

Americans throw away enough plastic bottles each year to circle the earth four times. Or that recycling one ton of paper saves the equivalent of 17 trees?

  • Either individually or as a family or friends’ unit, contact a volunteer organization, explore and sign-up for one volunteering opportunity in your community.
  • Social Equity is one of the "3 E's" of Sustainability. At work and at home, encourage and respect the many voices of diversity, equity, & inclusion.

Did You Know?

Only one out of four Americans formally volunteer with an organization.

Conserving energy helps the environment in so many ways. There’s a direct connection between your energy use and the environment. When you consume less power, you reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other toxic fumes released by power plants, conserve the earth’s natural resources by less reliance on fossil fuels, and protect ecosystems from destruction. By taking steps to reduce your energy intake, you’ll be contributing to a healthier and happier world.

At Home

Make use of natural light during the day; turn off lights and electronics when not in use; replace traditional incandescent light bulbs with LEDs; use a smart thermostat; make sure your home is properly insulated; identify/unplug “energy vampires;” reduce appliance use – only run full washer loads.

Goals & Actions

Make a concerted, two-week effort to systematically, switch by switch, reduce power usage in your home. You’ll not only be saving money every month on your energy bills but you’ll be helping directly battle climate change.

Saving/reusing water is one of the most important things you can do to help the planet. It takes lots of energy to treat, pump, and heat water, so saving water also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. By practicing basic water conservation, we can conserve energy, save marine life, help grow better quality food, and prevent the loss of many species.

At Home

Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving; only run the washing machine and dishwasher when you have a full load; install low flow shower heads and faucet aerators; fix leaks; install a low flow toilet or put a conversion kit on your existing toilet; don’t overwater lawn or gardens; install a rain barrel to catch precipitation for outdoor watering.

Goals & Actions

Make an initial survey/list of all the places in your home where you could be saving water. Just being aware of water usage every time you turn on a faucet or flush the toilet will lead to immediate water savings.

Many of us tend to focus on air quality only when it becomes exceptionally poor, such as on smoggy summer days or during wildfires. But the benefits of improved air quality can be reaped year-round.

At Home

Take alternative methods of transportation whenever possible to reduce the number of cars on the road; keep your car in good repair; use environmentally safe, natural home cleaning products; create an air quality garden; plant trees; use electric tools and vehicles; do not burn garbage or wood; use less energy.

Goals & Actions

Make a conscious effort for a month to reduce the number of trips you make alone in your car – combine work, shopping, going to the gym, visiting friends, etc. into as few of trips as possible. Besides helping the environment, you’ll be amazed how at how much gas, wear-and-tear on your car, and stress you’ll save!

Recycling has become commonplace in most American homes. We all know recycling keeps trash out of landfills, allows us to use less raw resources; saves energy, and creates jobs. But how seriously do we take our recycling? To be effective, recycling must be part of our daily routine – not just properly disposing of a container when we’re done with it. But actually thinking about the end use and result before we make the purchase.

At Home

Donate old clothes and shoes so they can be reused; start a compost bin to reduce food waste; separate different recyclables by type; do not purchase food and drink items in single-use, disposable containers; do not use plastic bags or styrofoam containers; wash and reuse glass containers; buy items made from recycled materials; properly recycle old appliances and tech products

Goals & Actions

Put out recycle bins for different materials in a central place in your home; get in the habit of considering each empty item as a candidate for either reuse or proper recycling.

The keys to strong, sustainable communities are participation and social equity. Look for opportunities to give back and share. And encourage diversity and inclusion. to draw upon as many voices, talents and viewpoints as possible to strengthen the whole.

At Home

Volunteering: research causes or issues important to you; consider volunteering as a family; identify the unique experience and skills you can contribute.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: identify organizations and causes that promote inclusion; keep an open mind to new ideas and opinions; speak up in support of "many voices" initiatives.

Goals & Actions

Create a game plan or schedule for volunteering opportunities that makes sense for you - don't overcommit.

Volunteer for or support organizations that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in their purpose or their processes.

Our Sustainability Story

Our Certified Sustainable Wines

Grey Wood background

Live Virtual Events

Virtual event take the pledge with J Lohr

Take the Pledge with J. Lohr

Take the Pledge with J. Lohr! Encouraging sustainability and tackling climate change can seem daunting. Happily, we can make impactful differences in many ways through minor alterations in our daily routines and actions. J. Lohr Wine Club Director Kasey Martin and Marketing Manager Josh Baldovino show you simple, easy, and fun ways to be more sustainable at home.

Watch here
Sustainability Behind the Seal 4x3 format

Behind the Seal

What goes into a wine achieving “certified sustainable” status? How does it improve wine quality while also helping the environment? On April 20th, J. Lohr CEO Steve Lohr answered these questions and more. As a board member and past president of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, Steve’s knowledge shed light on the importance of sustainability in winegrowing.

Watch here
Sustainability Winegrowing and Water Conservation 4x3 format


How does limited rainfall affect winegrowing? On May 11th, our long-time Paso Robles vineyard managers Steve Carter and Johnny Pierini discussed J. Lohr's forward-looking, sustainable, water research, retention, and recycling projects that both improve wine quality and help preserve precious natural resources. A fascinating behind-the-vines look with two well-known wine industry experts.

Watch here


Sustainability Virtual Event

May 6, 2022

Ever wonder how limited rainfall affects winegrowing? In California, this is a very important topic as we're always working to conserve resources.

Join us on Facebook Live, Wednesday, May 11th at 3PM PT as our Paso Robles vineyard managers Steve Carter and Johnny Pierini discuss water research, retention, and recycling projects.

You'll learn how these methods help to improve both wine quality and preserve precious natural resources.

Pick up your favorite J. Lohr sustainable wine to sip along during the event. Watch the video.

Sustainability classifiedcloset

May 3, 2022

The saying is true, "April showers bring May flowers." 🌷 Check out @classifiedcloset and her easy tip on how to reuse and repurpose a J. Lohr wine bottle as a flower vase.

"I will take any excuse to turn something into a flower vase 💐 and a wine bottle is no exception! Such a fun way to reuse and repurpose an item. 🌷🍾 I love J. Lohr’s dedication to more sustainable vineyard and winery practices and love that they’re doing this initiative. 🌎"

Learn more about how to Take The Pledge and get entered to win fun, eco-friendly prizes at the link in our bio.

Sustainability Bud

April 24, 2022

The start of the 2022 vintage began in March as signs of budbreak first appeared in our Monterey County vineyards. As we move through the growing season, we'll begin to see the vines bloom with each new flower having the potential to form a single grape berry!

Sustainability FPC Video

April 22, 2022

Fifty years ago, Founder Jerry Lohr set out to reshape the landscape of the California wine industry and create one of the country’s most respected wine brands. Balancing tradition, experience, and innovation, J. Lohr, a proud, family-owned business, is committed to growing, producing and bottling the most flavorful wines while advancing sustainable industry practices for generations to come.

The very word sustainability implies the ability to learn, adapt, and grow over a long period of time. Through almost fifty years and two generations, J. Lohr has done exactly that. Watch the full video as we celebrate #EarthDay and share our Passion for Family, Place, and Craft.

Sustainability Pledge square

April 21, 2022

We're “Taking The Pledge” for Earth Day and inviting you to do the same! Join us in committing to save energy, conserve water, spare the air, recycle/reuse/repurpose, and volunteer in our communities. Learn more about taking the J. Lohr Sustainability pledge and be entered to win fun, eco-friendly prizes. Together we can make a difference!

Sustainability Seal Hilltop Cab

April 20, 2022

In 2020, we received the Green Medal Leader Award – the highest industry honor for sustainability. The Award is given to the vineyard or winery that best balances the three “E’s” of environmental, economic, and social equity goals. You can join us on our sustainability journey by taking the J. Lohr Sustainability Pledge. Together, small conscious, day-to-day decisions and choices to be "greener" add up to real sustainable change for the better!

Behind the Seal Steve Lohr Event

April 13, 2022

Have you ever wondered what goes into making wine for it to receive “certified sustainable” status? Ever thought about how this status improves wine quality while also helping the environment?

You're in luck because we've got the answers for you! Tune in to Facebook Live on Wednesday, April, 20 for a live Q&A session with J. Lohr CEO Steve Lohr. As a board member and past president of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, Steve’s knowledge will shed light on the importance of sustainability in winegrowing.

Choose from one of our 20+ Certified Sustainable wines to sip along during the event!

Vineyard Water Drip

April 5, 2022

April is #DownToEarth Month – a time to discover California wines grown and made with sustainable practices. At J. Lohr, we’re proud to be a leader in sustainability throughout the wine industry and invite you to learn more about the sustainable measures we take in the vineyards and at the wineries to continue our stewardship of the land at

Vineyard Cover Crop

March 25, 2022

Today marks the start of National Farmworker Awareness Week in the United States - a time to honor the dedication and contributions of those who tend and nurture the land. During this time of the year, you'll find our vineyard teams keeping a watchful eye on our cover crops while pruning the vines.

This is crucial as we need to keep cover crops low to the ground to minimize their water intake while also ensuring these crops will support the vines by attracting diverse insects and enriching the soil.

Thank you to our team for all that you do in creating a sustainable future for generations to come.