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At J. Lohr, we’re firm believers in the power of community. During this #SeasonofGiving, we’ll be highlighting just a few of the organizations we are partnering with – groups that are doing amazing work locally in our own neighborhoods.

Read on to learn more about some of our favorite local heroes. And tell us about the organizations and outreaches that make a difference in the life of your community. Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

From all of us at J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines, our very best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy holiday season.

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Hope Services

Hope Services' community employment initiative assists adults with developmental challenges to achieve their vocational goals by matching them with local businesses. J. Lohr has partnered with Hope Services for thirteen years.

J. Lohr and Hope Services

Hope Services

In the fall of 2005, J. Lohr began working with Hope Services to help augment completion of our bottling crew’s special projects.

Originally, J. Lohr had a finite bottling season; in the off-season, our staff would move to our case goods warehouse to take care of special stickering projects, export orders, and other hand work. As our bottling season became year-round and our export sales expanded, we had problems keeping up with the multiple hand work projects; we needed outside help.

Our Vice President of Production at that time, David Mezynski, had heard about Hope Services from one of our J. Lohr employees. David met with managers at Hope Services and visited some of the wineries that Hope Services clients were doing work for. He was convinced that this would be a “win-win” opportunity for both organizations. Initially, we licensed Hope Services’ facility on Moorpark Avenue with the Alcohol Beverage Control so that they could receive and process special hand work orders for us. Although this situation was working well, transporting case goods to the Hope Services offices was not ideal and J. Lohr began investigating the possibility of having the Hope Services clients perform the work in our warehouse. We were worried about safety at the warehouse with forklift traffic and other hazards, but were able to create an area that was safe and somewhat isolated for the Hope Services clients to do their work. Initially, we brought the Hope Services team in for the holidays to assemble gift packs and sticker bottles and cases for export orders. Our warehouse manager quickly saw the Hope Services team’s value and asked if he could bring them back in January of 2006 for some other jobs; since then, they have never left as our project needs just kept growing. They have been a great asset and continue to impress our J. Lohr warehouse management team with their work ethic and positive attitude. They have been an integral part of our team; they are collegial, professional, and a real contributor to our success.

Hope Services' Mission

Hope Services’ overall mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities. Hope Services has been the leading provider of services to people with developmental disabilities in Silicon Valley for over 66 years. Hope Services serves more than 3,500 people and their families in six counties and provide a broad spectrum of support for infants through seniors such as children’s services, day programs, staffing, mental health services, community living services, and senior services. Hope Services’ vision is to promote a common understanding that the world is a better place when people with disabilities are fully integrated into our community and culture. To learn more, please visit the Hope Services website.