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Father's Day Sweepstakes

Gift Dad the best this year

Indulge in the exceptional pairing of J. Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon with a Master Selection Ribeye from F4 Purebred Australian Wagyu Hybrid. Our J. Lohr Cabernet, known for its lush fruit profiles and supple tannins.This results in a wine that complements the rich marbling and intense flavors of Australian Wagyu beef.

The soft tannins in the wine beautifully cut through the fattiness of the ribeye, enhancing both the steak and the wine's individual flavors.

Treat Dad to a tasting flight and steak that elevates Father’s Day.

In case you didn’t want to leave Dad’s gift to chance…

Grab the Father’s Day Pack

It has been almost four decades since Jerry Lohr and his team first began planting Cabernet Sauvignon in Paso Robles. Since then, J. Lohr has helped craft the region’s reputation for producing world-class Cabernet. In honor of Jerry’s pioneering spirit, we have put together a very special Father’s Day collection: three of our best Paso Robles-grown, Cabernet Sauvignon-based releases. Ground shipping is included, along with a limited-edition J. Lohr trucker hat inspired by the one Jerry wore all those years ago.

The Jerry Lohr Cabernet Collection includes:

  • 2021 J. Lohr Hilltop Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2021 J. Lohr Pure Paso® Proprietary Red Wine
  • 2020 J. Lohr Signature Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Jerry Lohr Trucker Hat

Pair with Wagyu Steak from Papa Wagyu

Use code: LOHRFD - 30% off all orders. Additionally a free Australian wagyu picanha steak on orders over $300 - customer has to add the Master Selection Picanha steak to the cart for the discount to apply.