2012 J. Lohr Carol’s Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

Five years ago, J. Lohr began the Touching Lives program in memory of Carol Waldorf Lohr, late wife of founder Jerry Lohr. In 2008, Carol, who was the muse for Jerry’s Napa Valley vineyard, passed away unexpectedly due to complications related to breast cancer. Since, the Lohr family has been working to curtail the impact of breast cancer in the lives of other families.

In 2009, we set out to provide 500 mammograms for women in need by donating $2 from every bottle sold of our J. Lohr Carol’s Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. With more than 4,00 mammograms funded to date, we have long surpassed our initial goal and need you to help us surpass the 5,000 mark by enjoying our wines, knowing that every bottle you and your loved ones purchase helps make a difference for those touched by cancer.  As we partner again with NBCF for the fourth year in a row, we will continue to expand our efforts to raise money in support of early detection, which has been proven to save lives.

Women often go above and beyond in caring for the health and safety of loved ones, but in the process, don’t take care of their own needs. With 2013 marking the campaign’s 5th year, J. Lohr is inspiring women to take the reins on their health by getting active, by finding ways to lower stress and by doing the things they love. An important part in the fight against breast cancer is the empowerment of women to be their own advocates for health and wellness, improving chances of early detection and ultimately, survival.

For more on NBCF’s Early Detection Plan, please visit www.nationalbreastcancer.org/about-breastcancer/Early-Detection-Plan.aspx


2012 saw a return to warmer temperatures compared to the unseasonably cool 2010 and 2011 growing seasons. Our Clone 1 Sauvignon Blanc responded well to the warm temperatures and abundant sunlight, producing desirable Sauvignon Blanc thiolic aroma characters of passion fruit, grapefruit and boxwood. Hand harvesting commenced with sugars below 23° Brix, and was completed in two picks, on August 25th and 30th, capturing the wonderful, yet fleeting, passion fruit aromas of Sauvignon Blanc.

Carol’s Vineyard is a thirty-four acre parcel located in north St. Helena in the Napa Valley, bounded on the east by the Napa River and on the north by Pratt Avenue. Sauvignon Blanc represents 10.88 acres of Carol’s Vineyard and is planted in the eastern portion of the vineyard adjacent to the Napa River, where outstanding Sauvignon Blanc has been grown. The soils are very loamy and well-drained, with a fair amount of gravel. The Clone 1 Sauvignon Blanc is grown on a quadrilateral cordon trellis to control vine vigor, with a single leaf layer in the south-exposed fruit zone for only dappled sun exposure to the grape clusters. This preserves some of the natural herbaceous fruit character in this delicious Sauvignon Blanc.


Origin: Carol’s Vineyard, St. Helena AVA
Composition: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Harvest Dates: August 25, 2012 and August 30, 2012
Process: Hand-harvested in the early morning and whole-cluster pressed in the Napa Valley
Harvest Chemistries: First pick: 21.3° Brix average, pH 3.04, total acidity 0.75 g/100ml
Second pick: 22.9° Brix average, pH 3.07, total acidity 0.72 g/100ml
Vinification: Yeast: The first pick was fermented with a blend of yeast strains (VIN 7 and QA23), specifically selected to maximize the varietal character of Sauvignon Blanc. The second pick was split into two lots - one fermented with Alchemy II and the other with VL3. Each of these yeasts highlight the different flavor characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc, and the blend helps to create a complex wine.
Fermentation: 96% in stainless steel barrels, 4% in French Acacia barrels
Maturation: Aged 4 months in barrels on
fermentation lees, with stirring
Bottling Numbers: pH : 3.41
Total Acidity: 0.63 g/100ml
Alcohol: 14.10% by volume
Residual Sugar: 0.45 g/100ml
Cases Produced: 2539 (5079 6-pack cases)
Cellaring: Delicious now, but can be cellared for 2 to 4 years

Very pale straw yellow in color with youthful hues. The aromas are reminiscent of ruby grapefruit, fig, and dried flowers with a balanced acidity and creaminess of texture.
-Jeff Meier, Winemaker

Filet of sole with lemons, capers and butter, frisée salad with fennel, red onion and vinaigrette-dressed citrus.

Citrus, fig and passion fruit, with balanced acidity and a creamy texture.