2010 J. Lohr Gesture Grenache Rosé

When comparing California wine styles to those of the Old World, one theme that emerges is the riper style and generally higher alcohol content of California wines. The French in particular are accustomed to a climate where adding sugar is required in most vintages, while California sunshine nearly always assures fully ripe fruit. (Some would say overripe.) In the 2010 vintage we saw cooler daily temperatures and greater hangtime in all our Paso Robles vineyards, and we achieved more intensely ripe flavors at lower Brix levels than we’ve seen in a decade. Grenache benefits from cooler seasonal temperatures, as this aids in color development and preserves the delicate “thiol” components that contribute fruitiness to the aroma and finish.


60% of the fruit is from one of our newest vineyard, located about 5 miles north of our Paso Robles winery. This vineyard has helped us strengthen our Rhône program and is the primary source of this enticing Grenache Rosé. The site is located near the northern boundary of the Paso Robles appellation and supports both our sustainably-farmed vineyard and an active wildlife corridor. The remaining 40% of the fruit came from two vineyards in the Willow Creek district of Paso Robles, an area known for world class Grenache.



Origin: Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County
Composition: 100% Grenache
 Harvest Dates: September 24 and
October 4, 2010
Harvest process: Hand-harvested
Harvest chemistries: Brix 23.1° avg, pH 3.38, total acidity 0.59 g/100ml
Yeast: ICV-GRE
Fermentation: Stainless steel tanks
Temperature: Fermentation at 52°F
Maceration: Must was heated to 130° F over 6 hours prior to pressing
Malolactic: none
Barrel type: 2-year-old French oak barrels
Bottle aging: Bottled March 21, 2011
Bottling chemistries:
pH: 3.22
Total Acidity: 0.61 g/100ml
Alcohol: 12.72% by volume
Res. Sugar: 0.49 g/100ml
Cellaring: Floral and fruit character will peak in the first year.
Cases produced: 364

Winemaker's Comments

“Mandarin, citrus and wild strawberry aromas tease the nose. The palate expresses fresh fruit, asian pear and crisp acidity. The finish is refreshingly clean and inviting for food pairings.”

Steve Peck, red winemaker

Price: $18.00 750ml

Food Pairings

The perfect pairing for shellfish, cheeses and quiche.