2009 ARIEL Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay

ARIEL Chardonnay is fermented cold at 50° F (10° C) in both stainless steel cooperage and small French oak barrels to dryness. Once fermentation is completed, the wine is blended and receives additional oak aging. Just prior to bottling, the alcohol is gently removed by cold filtration.


ARIEL 2009 Chardonnay grapes are carefully chosen from a variety of regions in California, with vineyards selected for Chardonnay exhibiting an emphasis on tropical fruit aromas.

Technical Data

Ethanol: < 0.5% by volume

Varietal Profile: > 100% Chardonnay

Serving Size: 100 ml = 3.38 ounces

Calories/Serving: approximately 21

Cases Produced: 25,000

Winemaker's Comments

ARIEL Chardonnay has a distinctive combination of buttery apple and butterscotch characteristics, combined with a toasty French oak bouquet, and should continue to develop complexity as it ages. It can be enjoyed immediately, or held three to five years. Enjoy ARIEL Chardonnay with richer seafood, veal, duck and cream pasta dishes.

Price: $9.00 750ml

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