We Want Your Corks!

ReCORK by Amorim: A Wine Cork Recycling Program

Here at J. Lohr, we are thrilled to participate in ReCORK, a new cork recycling program run by Amorim and SOLE, two organizations that promote sustainability through cork recycling. The goal of ReCORK is to collect used wine corks and find as many ways as possible to recycle and reuse them, and to help communicate the value that cork forests have as a sustainable natural resource that must be protected!  Natural cork wine closures, unlike those made of plastic or aluminum, can be remanufactured into shoe soles, flooring, gaskets, bulletin boards, sports equipment, and can even be used as a soil amendment in compost! But in order to make all of these useful products, we need to gather used wine corks! This is where you come in.

The idea is simple: after enjoying a bottle of wine, just save the cork instead of throwing it in the trash. After you’ve collected a few, drop them off in one of the handy ReCORK bins on display in our tasting rooms in San Jose and Paso Robles. Your wine corks will then enjoy a second life through recycling!

Why recycle wine corks?
There are 13 billion (yes, billion!) natural cork wine closures sold into the world market each year. But at present, the majority of them end up in landfills instead of being reused! While natural cork will degrade over time, landfills in most communities are already at critical capacity. Cork is ideal for recycling because it is biodegradable, renewable, energy efficient, sustainable, 100% natural, and useful as a material in a wide variety of products.


For more information on cork recycling and reuse, please visit recork.org, or email info@recork.org.