Inspiring Hope: Georgia

Georgia Blatterman
Wife of Richard Blatterman,
VP of US Sales for J. Lohr

10-year breast cancer survivor

I was diagnosed on Halloween in 2003.  I had spent the week with my sister Donna taking care of her after she had had a wide excision biopsy, and we were anxiously awaiting her results. After Donna’s surgery, I went home for my own routine mammogram appointment. The radiologist was a friend from the hospital where I worked, and he reviewed my mammogram films, and did a biopsy and ultrasound that day.  Though it couldn’t be confirmed until the biopsy had been completed, he said that he had been a breast radiologist for thirty years, and he knew what he was looking at. He recommended my being seen for an M.R.I, which I did the following week. Soon after, I heard my sister’s biopsy was negative. I had surgery and eighteen months of chemo, and I survived. My sister also has remained cancer-free.

Three years after my diagnosis, my other sister Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, and since I was a nurse, she came from her home in Arizona to stay with me. She had surgery, and that gave us time to find her the best care we could in Tucson, where she had chemo at home. She passed away this last April. It is hard for me to think about being a survivor; her death is still too painful.  

My sisters and I had a lot of testing done, genetic and otherwise. It turns out we had very different forms of breast cancer, neither form linked to the known genes. I worry more now about my daughter of course, but we know that screening helps. She will be watched like a hawk!

Research indicates that early detection and treatment are essential to combating breast cancer, and annual mammograms are often the first step toward confronting this disease. For every bottle of J. Lohr Carol’s Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon  or Sauvignon Blanc sold this year, we will donate $2 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. All proceeds will go toward providing mammograms for women in need.

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